The internet is an extraordinary force for good but is not designed with children in mind. However one third of users are under 18 and the part it plays in children's lives continues to grow: among 3-4 year olds, in the last year, time online increased from 6 hours 48 minutes to 8 hours 18 minutes a week, and 12-15 year olds now spend over 20 hours a week online. (Figures taken from the Children's Commissioner - Growing Up Digital January 2017 report)


We want your children to be safe online, whether that be in school, at home or another location. We hope you find the information and resources on this page useful in helping you support your child to make the right choices. Click here for a useful link to guidance on the various popular social media apps, the age restrictions and how you can set parental controls.


Keeping your child safer online - On 6th February 2018 we hosted Peter Cowley from Achieving for Children. As well as running sessions for the children, Peter also held a talk for parents. His presentation contains useful information on how you as a parent can help keep your child safer online.

Information and advice for parents - This leaflet provides information on potential online risks including content, conduct and contact as well as providing key information and advice for parents.

Checklist for parents - A simple checklist to help you decrease the risks children face online.

Factsheet for parents - A list of online resources to support parents.

Securing your child's mobile phone - Please use the link on the right hand side to help you secure your child's mobile phone.

Online Safety Policy -  Here you will find our school Online Safety policy. 

Online Safety Parent Awareness Team

Through regular newsletters and events this parent-run group aims to help explain the risks and promote the benefits of using the internet.  Run by Chase Bridge parents and carers for Chase Bridge parents and carers, it is a valuable forum for you to share ideas, ask questions and find out the latest advice about new developments.

Please click here for more info about the E-Safety Parent Awareness Team and here for their recent newsletter.

Achieving for Children have produced a information sheet to help parents safeguard children on internet-connected devices.  This useful guide can be viewed here.