The resources on this page, and the main curriculum page, are designed to support you as parents in understanding what your children are learning and how you can support them. Please use the links on the right hand side of the page.

National Curriculum: This document details the National Curriculum requirements for Year 6.

National Curriculum for reading, writing and mathematics: The National Curriculum details for English and Mathematics.

Curriculum Policy: This document contains information on how the curriculum is taught at Chase Bridge.

Homework Policy: This documents details the type of homework your child can expect and our expectations.

Half-Term Curriculum Overview: This details the focus for this half term and how it affects each area of the curriculum.

Class Timetable: Please find the general class timetable for year 6.

Maths Revision: This fantastic resource will help your child focus on the specific areas of maths they need to improve in. Each box in the below document has a different maths topic (for example 'fractions', or 'division'). Just click on the box and it will link you to questions that focus on that topic. You'll also see a YouTube link next to the questions: this will take you to a YouTube video that explains how to solve the question. The YouTube link could be used after your child attempts the question on their own.

SPaG Coverage Grid:  Accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar are key life-long skills and we want children to leave Chase Bridge with an excellent understanding of the fundamentals.  This grid will help!  Just click on the area you want to focus on and you’ll be presented with the key learning points, questions and a YouTube link. 

Reading Revision: We all know the importance of children being able to confidently decode words and understand what they have read, and we are happy to say we found a new resource to help with this.  Similar to the Maths and SPaG resources, this is one your child can use on their own, or with you if you want to add extra support.  (Please note, you need PowerPoint to access this particular resource.)