We are very excited to have launched our Chase Bridge Blog site.  All children at Chase Bridge will be contributing to the blog throughout the year. 

Blogging will give the children the opportunity to share their news, stories, learning and achievements with parents and the wider community.  The world wide web is their audience!

Why should children blog?

By providing a safe and monitored online environment, the children will be able to express themselves and interact confidently.  It provides excellent opportunities for them to write in a wide range of genres, to use varied media tools and to engage with people from all around the world (all incoming comments are checked and approved before they are posted).  It gives them a real purpose for writing and an audience to write for. 

Blogging also ties in with the new Computing Curriculum and the children will be regularly reminded to follow our safe blogging rules.

Please click on the link to read examples of great writing from across the school.


Our children are very keen to know that you have visited their blog, so please take a moment to leave an encouraging comment (please remember to use your first name only) and support them in their learning.

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