Helpful Resources For Parents and Carers

In this section we will be adding more information and links to resources to help support your child's learning at home.



  • KS1 Magic Spelling - The following is a short video demonstrating how to use the ‘Magic Spelling’ method for words your child may find challenging to spell. It is a visual strategy that helps your child to chunk the word in colour blocks to help them remember the correct spelling. Please click here to view the video tutorial on our YouTube channel.
  • KS2 Reciprocal Reading Tutorial - Taking on the roles of predictor, clarifier, questioner and summariser will help your child to fully understand what they are reading and think about their own thought processes during reading.  It encourages them be actively involved in their reading and ask questions about what they have read. Please click here to view the video tutorial on our YouTube channel. You can find out more at:
  • Spelling Workshop - 7th July, 2016.  Please click here for the presentation and here for the accompanying Magic Spelling video tutorial.
  • Reading in Reception - We all know what a key skill reading is and how daunting it can be receiving the first reading book home. Developing a passion for reading is first and foremost, and a big step on their learning journey.  We hope the video helps take the stress out of helping your child learn to read at home, alongside our short reading workshop.  We really want to engage the children and help them become confident and resilient readers, so thank you in advance for all your help and support at home.
  • Helping Your Child Read - Our guide for reading with your child can be viewed here and the presentation from Mr Ostro's and Miss Riddington's Reading Workshop is available here.  Our recommended reading lists are also available to download.


  • KS1 Maths 100 square Tutorial - The 100 square is used extensively in most primary schools to help children with their understanding of number, ordering, place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Children can use the grid to count forward or back, up or down a certain amount of numbers, to count ahead, or to find the next number in a sequence. Click here for the video tutorial.
  • KS2 Expanded and Compact Column Addition - Year 3 have been learning how to add 3 digit numbers using expanded column addition and compact column addition. Thank you to Fabio and Katie for taking part in this video. We hope you enjoy watching it. 
  • Learning your Times Tables - Year 5 have put together this helpful video to help you learn your times tables. Watch and enjoy our fun hints and tips.