Parents' Skills


There are hundreds of invaluable resources that come into the school gates everyday and then leave again - that’s you!.  We would like to find out what hidden skills you all might have and then look at how the teachers and school can use them to help the children.

Do you have a burning passion for local history? Can you tap dance?  Do you hold a mini bus driving licence? Can you make a quilt? Are you fluent in a foreign language?

You don’t have to make a regular commitment and your input doesn’t have to be during school hours.  Just fill in a Skills Set form – download here and hand into the office.


Class Reps


  • Parents/carers have ideas, suggestions, concerns or questions.
  • They need a voice.
  • They also need an answer!
  • People like to feel involved.
  • Everyone likes to know what is happening.
  • Communication is vital to encouraging support.


  • The Class Rep is a goodwill ambassador between parents/carers and Chase Bridge School and the Friends of CB.
  • The Class Rep passes on ideas, questions etc to be discussed at termly school meetings.**
  • The Class Rep feeds back answers.
  • The teachers benefit from finding out what parents are talking about.
  • The Class Rep will know about planned fundraising activities and encourage parents to get involved by helping out at a variety of events.
  • The Class Rep is a valuable intermediary helping to make everyone feel involved in the success of Chase Bridge School and Friends.


Friends Fairies

Don’t feel you want a named role but would still like to be involved – become one of our Friend Fairies and help as in any capacity possible!


Feel that you want to get more involved and join a fabulous group of parents then come and talk to us about coming on board the Friends Committee.





Please fill in the form below and hand it into school's office: