At Chase Bridge we offer a curriculum which is both broad and balanced, and promotes the academic as well as spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development of the children preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of later life. It is designed to promote a cultural literacy that enriches the children's knowledge and which contributes to an understanding of British values.

We aim to teach children how to grow into positive, responsible people, who can work and co-operate with others, whilst developing knowledge, skills and attitudes to learning, in order that they achieve their true potential.

Core knowledge and skills in reading, writing and mathematics are mainly taught discretely and continuously. However they are also taught through other subjects: there are many good practical opportunities, for example, to teach mathematics through science, or reading and writing through history.

Each half term year groups have a key theme based on a lead subject, usually history, geography, R.E. or science, that also binds together knowledge and skills from across other subjects. At Chase Bridge we make extensive use of the resources and cultural capital in the local area: many of our themes are linked to an understanding and appreciation of the local area and the people that have lived here and in some cases are connected to the school. We also make good use of our national and international links that also enrich the children’s learning.

The children also benefit from exceptional extra-curricular provision that provides extended opportunities for children to explore new areas of learning and interest or deepen their experience, particularly in sport and music. Clubs change every term and include, for example, rugby, karate, netball, chess, art, football, gymnastics, dance, photography, choir … the list goes on!


The resources on this page and the year group pages are designed to support you as parents in understanding what your children are learning and how you can support them.

Curriculum Policy

The policy sets out the framework for the curriculum in the Early Years Foundation Stage, the infants and the juniors. It also addresses the ways in which we use opportunities to teach knowledge, skills and understanding across the curriculum, particularly with our half-termly themes in each year group.

Homework expectations 

We believe that work at home is an essential element in a child’s education and we seek parental support with regard to any homework set. Homework is given to children from reception through to Year Six; it will vary in type and quantity depending on age and ability. Increasingly we also set homework using on-line resources such as Mathletics. This document outlines the progression of homework across the school and the school’s expectations for each year group.