Nursery AM: Jenny Jenner, Angie Neoh and Hyun Young

Nursery PM: Angela Nicolson


Cherry:  Victoria Holcomb and Charlotte Byron

Fir: Sarah Dorner and Lucy Smith

Maple: Sinead Barrett and Ginni Anand

Year 1    

Oak:  Angie Neoh, Divya Sharma and Jasmin Athwal

Walnut: Kristina and Tiffany

Apple:  Sarah Thomson, Angela Nicolson, Leo Browning, Cynthia Hyams

Year 2    

Birch:  Claire Harvey and Maria Bedwell

Chestnut:  Sally Cornelius and Sonia Gogna

Acacia: Jane McPherson and Nathalie Warren

Year 3    

3M:  Dee Bridger and Leo Browning

3J:  Michelle Reynolds and Lara Michael

3B: Reena Stone and Maria Iskurti

Year 4   

4C:  Victoria Rowe and Carmelle Jaitly (also Class Rep Co-ordinator)

4A: Christine Covill, Lucy Bowden and Jen Thornton

4K: Karen Trueman and Navinder Paul

Year 5    

5B Karen Devereux

5W Alan Stacey

5P  Carla Viljoen and Donna-Lee Randall

Year 6    

6B Vacancy

6M Claire Simpson

6C Jude Jones and Reena Stone