Meet the Head!

Meet the Head – Andrew King

I find it hard to believe that I was appointed Headteacher at Chase Bridge back in September 2007 – time flies when you are enjoying yourself! This is my second post as a headteacher and I have also worked as an inspector and consultant for ten years working across primary and secondary schools. Although I have a love of music (children often draw pictures of me holding a guitar!) my specialist area is maths and I have written several books over the years about mathematics education – I still retain a passion for number, shape and pattern and sometimes even get a chance to teach it!

I am married to Ruth, who is also a teacher and she helps remind me about what it is like to be at the ‘chalkface’ when the Headteacher comes up with another bright new initiative! We are lucky to have three children who have now all progressed to the secondary and university phases.

Chase Bridge is such a special place and I feel grateful to lead a dedicated group of staff who give so much of their time above and beyond: they provide an incredible range of opportunities for the children. I hope that you will enjoy discovering more about Chase Bridge from the website, but do please come and see the school too so you can experience the very special atmosphere for yourselves. 

Andrew King