Outcomes from assessments and test July 2016

There is much to celebrate in the children’s achievement from the summer of 2016 – we are very proud of all they do. Nevertheless, we need to be cautious with a definitive analysis of the data as last year saw significant changes by the government to the system of assessments in general, as well as the way pupils were tested in Year 2 and Year 6. There remains a national debate about the reliability of the performance data for 2016.

At the end of the juniors we were pleased to see that there have been significant improvements in our priority areas of writing and grammar, spelling and punctuation. In a number of aspects attainment and progress are better than Richmond, Kingston and national averages. Mathematics is relatively weaker although broadly in line with achievement nationally – this is likely to become our new priority focus for improvement over the year.

Achievement at the end of the infants would appear more mixed, however standards are assessed entirely through Teacher Assessment and there is considerable variability in outcomes both locally and nationally so any analysis has to be made with caution. In general it would appear that the higher attaining children achieve well but a number of the lower and middle ability children struggled to meet the new and more rigorous expected standard.

We are pleased with outcomes in the year 1 phonics screening which have risen again are well above standards nationally and close to the Richmond and Kingston averages.


Including data from Chase Bridge 2014-2016; national results; Richmond and Kingston results for comparison

End of Key Stage 2 Tests and Teacher Assessment

RWM is the combined percentage for Reading, Writing and Maths where the standard was achieved in all subjects.

GPS stands for Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation (sometimes known as SPaG)

TA stands for Teacher Assessment

Key Stage 2MeasureKingstonRichmondNationalChase Bridge 2016 
 RWM Expected Standard 59%67% 53% 60% 
 RWM Greater Depth 7% 12%5% 9% 
 Reading Expected Standard 74%81% 66% 75% 
 Reading Greater Depth 28%36% 19% 20% 
 Reading Average Scaled Score 105107 103 104 
 Writing Expected Standard (TA) 71%77% 74% 78% 
 Writing Greater Depth (TA) 13%19% 15% 15% 
 GPS Expected Standard 79%85% 72% 85% 
 GPS Greater Depth 32%40% 22% 31% 
 GPS Average Scaled Score 106107 104 106 
 Maths Expected Standard 78%81% 70% 72% 
 Maths Greater Depth 26%31%  17%14% 
 Maths Average Scaled Score 105 106103 103 

End of Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessments

RWM is the combined percentage for Reading, Writing and Maths where the standard was achieved in all subjects.

Key Stage 1MeasureKingstonRichmondNationalChase Bridge 2016
 RWM Expected Standard60%64%60%58% 
 RWM Greater Depth10%14%9%11%
 Reading Expected Standard76%79%74%68%
 Reading Greater Depth30%36%24%35%
 Writing Expected Standard65%68%66%58%
 Writing Greater Depth16%19%13%14%
 Maths Expected Standard75%78%73%71%
 Maths Greater Depth19%28%18%25%

Year 1 Phonics

Year 1 MeasureKingstonRichmondNationalChase Br 2014, 2015Chase Bridge 2016
 Phonics Y1 Expected Standard88%90%81%69%, 85%87%

Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (Reception)






Chase Br 2014, 2015

Chase Bridge 2016


Good Level of Development




66%, 77%


The Department for Education publishes school performance tables every year. The 2016 assessments are unvalidated by the DfE and they will formally publish the data later in the year.

An analysis of the data from the previous year, 2015, is made in our annual self-evaluation. Please follow this link for our annual review.