Janet Scott - Chair of Governors

Employment: Chief Executive - SGOSS Governors for Schools

I have worked for SGOSS since January 2000; during this time I have seen first-hand how rewarding the role is and the impact effective governancy can have on educational outcomes for children. It is more important than ever that the right people with the skills to do the role are sitting around the table and I wanted to use the experience and expertise I have gained from having this opportunity. Being a school governor allows me to do this and I also continue to learn and gain new skills.

Governing body role: Co-opted Governor - Community 

Chair of the Governing Body and Early Years Link Governor.

Member of the Pay Committee and headteacher's performance management group.

Appointed 27th January 2011.  Term ends 19th June 2021.

Thomas Flynn - Vice-chair of Governors

Employment: Chief Executive - Royal Holloway, University of London, Students' Union

I have worked in higher education for nearly a decade.  First as a lecturer and tutor during the completion of my doctorate, then within professional services before jumping ship to work as senior manager then Chief Executive in Students' Unions. At Royal Holloway I lead a registered charity with a turnover of over £4m, employing over 300 members of part time and full time staff.  I'm a resident of Richmond and joined the governing body to both give something back to the local community, as well as get a better understanding of the other end of the education sector. 

Governing body role: Co-opted Governor - Community 

Vice-chair of the Governing Body and Extended Services and FoCB Link Governor.

Appointed 23rd March 2016.  Term ends 23rd March 2020.

John Justice

I became a school governor because I wanted to understand how the school decided what to spend their money on and how the benefit was measured.  The role of a school governor is constantly changing and is both challenging and rewarding especially for a school like Chase Bridge that has undergone such substantial physical change.

Governing body role: Co-opted Governor - Community 

English Link Governor.

Appointed 10th May 2016.  Term ends 19th March 2018.

Iyas AlQasem

As I join the governing body, my four children have flourished through a combined 23 years in Chase Bridge, and it’s not over yet! I joined to see if my experience would be of any value by way of thanks. I place a high value on education, the centrality of great teachers, and their ability to influence a child’s growth for decades. Aside from my role here, I run an online club for children that rewards them for real-world activities, and founded a charity for children in refugee camps on a voluntary basis.

Governing body role: Parent Governor

Leadership and Management Link Governor.

Appointed 27th February 2015.  Term ends 27th February 2019.

Mike Dormer

I've spent my entire working life in the film and television industry, originally as a documetary maker but mainly as a drama producer.  For several years I was a governor at Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance in Siducp.  I live in St Margarets and volunteered as a governor to support education in Richmond.  Chase Bridge is a vibrant creative community and I'm very much looking forward to becoming part of it.

Governing body role: Co-opted Governor - Community

Creative Arts Link Governor.

Appointed 3rd December 2014.  Term ends 3rd December 2018.

David Jones

Employment: Associate Solicitor - Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

In my career I have had the good fortune to benefit from experiences and which I believe will stand me in good stead to contribute to the governance of Chase Bridge.  I feel it is important that people from all walks of life have an opportunity to take an active role in understanding how governing bodies can help educational institutions succeed and improve so as to achieve the best possible outcomes for pupils.  I hope that I can assist Chase Bridge by bringing my skills from the commercial sector and that I can in turn learn from both my fellow governors and the staff of the school.

Governing body role: Co-opted Governor - Community

Year 4 Link Governor.

Appointed 30th September 2015.  Term ends 30th September 2019.

Greg Twitcher

Employment: Global Account Director - Visa International 

I am a qualified accountant and have worked in the Financial Services sector for my whole career. Through my work I have lived in various countries across Asia, The Middle East and Europe. My daughters were educated in the State sector and benefited hugely from attending local primary and secondary schools that were well run, with a high quality of teachers and a pro-active and strong set of governors. I now welcome the opportunity to join the Board of Governors at Chase Bridge School and look forward to working with you all in the near future.

Governing body role:  Co-opted Governor - Community 

Finance Link Governor.

Appointed February 2016.  Term ends 3rd February 2020.

Lorraine Templeton-Cross

I became a school governor because I wanted to benefit my local community in a volunteering capacity. My interest lies in the importance of raising children not only to be successful in the core curriculum areas, but also to be well-rounded, happy and caring individuals; Chase Bridge shares these aims and I look forward to working with the team.

Although I have no formal experience of education, I hope that the skills and experience developed throughout my career in IT management will enable me to support the staff and pupils to realise the school's ambitions.

Governing body role: Co-opted Governor - Community  

Year 5 Link Governor.

Appointed 17th June 2015.  Term ends 17th June 2019.

Eleanor Wright

I have been a governor since my children were at Chase Bridge in the 1990s.  I became a governor because of my interest in the school and in education, and in the hope that I could be helpful.  I am a solicitor specialising in education law and a member of Richmond Dyslexia Association, and I also sit on local admission and exclusion appeal panels.

Governing body role: Co-opted Governor - Community

Deputy Safeguarding Governor.

Appointed 10th June 2005.  Term ends 19th June 2021.

Caroline McCarthy

My role on the governing body is to provide a link with the Friends of Chase Bridge, who organise events to bring the wider Chase Bridge community together and raise funds for the school.  I enjoy learning more about my children's school through my governance work, which I see as an interesting and important part of the wide range of voluntary work I do for the school.  I am committed to supporting the continued success of the school, and hope to use my skills in finance, research, writing and music to do so going forward.

Governing body role: Co-opted Governor - Parent

Year 1 Link Governor.

Appointed 1st September 2014.  Term ends 3rd February 2020.

Fr David Cloake

Employment: Priest and Vicar of Ss Philip & James Church, Whitton

I am associated with Chase Bridge School because my children are members of the student body. I have enjoyed a number of roles on various school governing bodies, though largely with faith schools as part of my working life. As this is my first opportunity to be a parent governor, I have taken a particular interest in the culture and delivery of the education at Chase Bridge School. I offer what I can to the school who serve my own children so ably. 

Governing body role: Parent Governor

Year 3 Link Governor, Inclusion Link Governor and Named Governor for Safeguarding

Appointed 10th June 2014.  Term ends 10th June 2018.

Michael Ashe

Employment: Regional Officer – BBC Children in Need

I've been working in not-for-profit organisations since 1994, helping people to improve their lives and build a better world. I've supported a wide range of organisations to focus on results, value the people who work in them and develop systems to increase effectiveness. Being a governor gives me the chance to learn from a great team of people and contribute to the local institution that is the most important to my family. I have been a school governor before, at my children's previous school in Lambeth.

Governing body role: Co-opted Governor - Parent

Maths Link Governor.

Appointed February 2016.  Term ends 8th February 2021.

James Lovatt

Employment: Head of Compliance Europe - TD Securities

I have worked for a number of financial services firms and lived in the local area for approximately fifteen years. Over that time I have realised how important it is to have a variety of views contributing to decision making. I want to be able to use my skills and expertise from the financial sector to hopefully contribute to the continued success of Chase Bridge. In addition I am excited to learn how such an important sector functions and will enjoy developing new skills along the way. I look forward to working with all members of the Chase Bridge community in the future. I am married with two young daughters and enjoy playing golf.

Governing body role: Authority Governor

Admin and Premises Link Governor.

Appointed February 2016.  Term ends 8th February 2021.

Andrew King

Headteacher - Ex officio

This is my second post as a headteacher and I have also worked as an inspector and consultant for ten years working across primary and secondary schools. Although I have a love of music my specialist area is maths and I have written several books over the years about mathematics education – I still retain a passion for number, shape and pattern and sometimes even get a chance to teach it!

Brian Ostro

Deputy Headteacher. Attends meeting of the governing body.

Anne-Marie Fussey

Staff Governor (Teacher)

Appointed 8th October 2015.  Term ends 8th October 2019.

Una Blair

I come from an interior design background, having previously worked for IKEA.  My three children are past pupils.  I am a family link carer for two children with special needs within the borough, and finally I am a long-time supporter of London Irish Rugby Club.

Governing body role: Co-opted Governor - Staff

Appointed 28th November 2012.  Term ends 19th June 2017.

Past Governors:

Claire Debney. Co-opted Governor - Community.  Year 6 Link Governor.  Resigned Autumn 2017.

Pippa Prior. Co-opted Governor - Parent. Year 2 Link Governor. Term ended 19th June 2017.

Ade Lawal.  Co-opted Governor - Community. Maths Link Governor. Resigned Autumn 2016.

Councillor Alexander Ehmann.  Authority Governor.  Administrative and Premises Link Governor. Resigned Autumn 2016.