When should I apply for a place in the Reception year?

You can apply online or by completing an application form from the beginning of September prior to the year in which your child is eligible to start in Reception.  More details are available from the Richmond Borough website or via your resident borough.

When should I apply for a place at the Nursery?

You can apply for a place at the Nursery at any time although no preference is given to those that apply early.  Forms are available from the school office.  Applications must be received at school by the closing date in January prior to your child joining Nursery.  Please contact the school office for more details.

How do you decide who to offer places to?

The Local Authority offer places on behalf using the criteria published on their website.

How do I book school lunches for my child?

This can be done at the school office or you can telephone us on 020 8892 1242.  We can be reasonably flexible with lunches but we do need some notice to start and stop taking meals.  We must insist that payment for lunches is made in advance - we prefer payment for half or whole terms but can accommodate all reasonable payment requests.

Your after school clubs are very popular and often over subscribed.  How do you decide who to offer places on extra curricular clubs to?

We ask parents to indicate order of preference on the reply slips so that we can try to offer every child at least one club of their choice.  Unfortunately with so many clubs on offer and so much demand, this isn't always possible but we do our best to make sure everyone is happy!

Where do I buy school uniform from?

You can buy our logo'd uniform from School Days and Just Dancing on Whitton High Street or from Stevensons on Heath Road in Twickenham. We always have a stock of good quality secondhand uniform so please ask at the office if this is of interest to you.  Please click here to read more about our uniform requirements.