Assessment principles

Our assessment procedures are an essential part of how we help children achieve high standards. We regularly evaluate children’s knowledge, skills and understanding through daily formative assessments and termly summative assessments.  These assessments help establish children’s abilities and current strengths, as well as their next learning steps.

Teachers use assessment information to inform their planning, ensuring lessons continually build on children’s strengths and address areas for development improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Children are actively involved in our assessments, as they become better learners when they are given time to reflect on their success in lessons and are aware of their own learning goals.

Qualitative and quantitative assessment information is shared regularly with parents throughout the year so that teachers and parents can work together to help children succeed.  


The full document outlining our assessment principles can be found on the right.

Assessments and Tests: an overview for parents

A presentation was given to parents in December 2015 about changes to the National Curriculum and related assessment and testing.  It also makes special reference to the statutory assessments at the end of the infants (year 2) and juniors (year 6) for the summer 2016.  

A copy of this presentation can be found on the right.